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Sold by: Amazon. John Lutz. Something went wrong. Please try your request again later. Lutz has published over 35 novels and approximately short stories and articles. He and his wife Barbara split their time between Sarasota, Florida, and St. Louis, Missouri. Are you an author? Help us improve our Author s by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biography.

Learn more at Author Central. . Kindle Edition. Next . Titles By John Lutz. Unsuspected, he lingers until the perfect moment arrives. Enter ex-homicide cop Frank Quinn, still reeling in the wake of an elaborate setup that ended his career. As the investigation proceeds, the murderer loses no time stalking new prey: a loan officer and her high-earning husband; a couple who made a killing in the stock market; a pretty actress and her prosperous lover.

A year ago, Fred Carver was nothing but a disabled ex-cop whose career, marriage, and family were all little more than fading memories. But then, while working as a private detective, he met Edwina Talbot, and ten months of life together has made him happier than he has been in years. But fate does not let men like Fred Carver stay happy for long.

On the eve of a visit from his ex-wife and their two children, tragedy upends his new life. Scorcher is the 2nd book in the Fred Carver Mysteries, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order. Single White Female Oct 24, Imitation is the deadliest form of flattery.

After a messy break-up, Allie Jones finds herself living alone in her New York City apartment, no one to share her bed with--and more urgently, no one to share her rent. The solution seems clear: she needs a roommate. And Hedra Carlson seems perfect--she's shy, quiet. But soon Hedra's disturbing envy of Allie's looks and social life becomes unsettling. She wears Allie's clothes, even buys a wig in Allie's color and style. Then the obscene phone calls begin, Allie's credit cards vanish, and she discovers Hedra is living a dangerous double life.

For Hedra's twisted admiration has no limits, the nightmare has just begun, and there will be a bloody price to pay. Not a chance. Though oceans apart, Laker and Ava discover their separate missions are tied to one explosive plot. The only way out is to breach all protocol and play by their own rules. Other Formats: Mass Market Paperback. Now one of those cops has come to him with a problem that only a private detective can solve.

But it seems that some of them are dying before their time. When the residents speak of murder, are they telling the truth, or are they simply confused? Unraveling the mystery will take Fred Carver into a place where death is seldom the result of natural causes.

Between his pension and the insurance check, they said, he had a nice, easy retirement to look forward to. But Fred Carver would rather have his knee. His career finished, his marriage over, he takes a halfhearted stab at private detective work, and is already sick of it by the time he meets Edwina Talbot, a beautiful woman who wants him to find her dead lover.

Tropical Heat is the 1st book in the Fred Carver Mysteries, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order. Chill Of Night Sep 1, He kills swiftly and silently, leaving his calling card--a red "J"--on the bodies of his prey. His victims have one thing in common: they've all been jurors in the city's most infamous cases--cases in which the killer was found "not guilty. And there's only one man who has a shot at finding him. Homicide detective Artemis Beam made his reputation hunting down serial killers.

After getting shot by an armed robber--and stepping on the wrong toes in the NYPD--he's been retired. The city needs him now, and finding the killer is his chance to get back into the life he loves. As the body count climbs and the city's legal system fails, the Justice Killer thinks he's outsmarted the cops. But Beam isn't officially a cop anymore. The Ex Jul 18, David works at a prestigious New York literary agency.

Molly is a freelance copyeditor. They are devoted to their son and secure in their love for each other. Then Deirdre Grocci invades their lives. Once upon a time, she was David's wife. Their relationship was marked by kinky, violent sex and Deirdre's unsettling mood swings.

That was over five years ago. David hasn't thought much about his ex since then. But his ex has been thinking about him Leaving a trail of shocking violence behind her, she has moved across the country just to be near David again.

Soon, she has moved into the Joneses' apartment building. Made friends with Michael. And begun to convince Molly that she is losing her mind. Most dangerous of all, she lures David back into a world of addictive sex he both craves and fears. Deirdre won't be content to be the other woman forever. She wants David back. This time, for keeps. But there's one force she didn't reckon on: David's wife. To hold on to her family, her sanity, and her life. Molly is willing to go to hell and back. Played out against the teeming backdrop of modern urban life—with all its hidden perils and sudden, random violence—THE EX grabs you and doesn't let go until the explosive climax.

With this novel, John Lutz proves once again that he is the undisputed master of spine-tingling, edge-of-your-chair suspense. When a client dies in a car explosion, Orlando detective Fred Carver learns the man may not have been who he said he was For Bert Renway, it starts out as a simple proposition: a fat bundle of money to spend a few weeks impersonating Frank Wesley, a local tycoon. But after a while Bert grows suspicious of the easy money, and seeks help in the shape of Fred Carver, an ex—Orlando policeman turned private investigator. Like Bert, Carver smells trouble, and agrees to help him find out who his employers are and why they want him to play Wesley.

Neither of them is suspicious enough. When they pull his body from the wreckage, dental records identify him not as Bert Renway, but as Frank Wesley. Flame is the 4th book in the Fred Carver Mysteries, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.

The Night Watcher May 21, From bestselling author John Lutz comes a lightning-paced thriller of a city gripped by a killer's savage reign of terror. Someone is killing wealthy Manhattanites. One by one, the victims are discovered in luxurious high-rise apartments. Bound, gagged--brutally murdered in the "safety" of their own homes, by someone whose modus operandi is as horrifying as anything NYPD Detectives Ben Stack and Rica Lopez have ever seen.

As Stack and Lopez investigate the cruel deaths, they have no idea that they are being watched from the shadows--observed by a cunning murderer picking up all the clues necessary to stay one step ahead of the police while perfecting a deadly craft. And when a pattern slowly emerges, the detectives realize that the killings aren't the random acts of a maniac, but the personal campaign of someone bent on retribution. Someone whose vengeance will burn forever. Bonegrinder Feb 14, The child dies before he can say more.

Like it or not, however, Wintone must scour the woods for the man or beast who killed the child before the start of fishing season. When another body is found chewed to pieces, the Sheriff begins to wonder what evil lies at the bottom of Big Water Lake. His wife dead six months before, the small-time businessman is perplexed when Del Moray police inform him that a local woman, Marla Cloy, has accused him of harassing her. According to her, Joel has been lurking outside of her house, following her car, even assaulting her at the grocery store.

He goes to Fred Carver, an ex-cop turned PI, for help clearing his name. The harder Carver looks, the less he understands. When this game turns deadly, who will be the first to go? Burn is the 9th book in the Fred Carver Mysteries, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.

Wife wants nsa Lutz

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