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Many posters included excerpts from the letter sent to Brickson and Murdock. When asked to comment, McCardell declined to speak to The Purple , citing concerns of bias. I am more disappointed than hurt. The letter drafted by the Board of Regents to explain their decision quickly spread on social media, shocking many alumni and students. In their letter, the Regents promised to match all funds raised for Thistle Farms as an encouragement for students to take action against sexual violence.

Beyond social media, other news outlets quickly picked up the story, in some cases after being contacted by students hoping to spread awareness of their opposition to the decision. Along with other news sources, Nashville Public Radio covered the story, and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution ran an editorial by Brickson in addition to commentary from education writer Maureen Downey.

In the week following the decision, several divisions of the University released open letters to the Board of Regents, including the college faculty , the School of Theology tenured faculty , and the seminarians. Members of the Board of Regents that The Purple contacted declined to comment. The University Senate, comprised of 75 individuals, including senior faculty members, deans, and McCardell, will meet this Monday afternoon, February Faculty members plan to start a discussion at the meeting on creating a policy for revoking honorary degrees.

At this time, no such policy exists, as the University has never revoked an honorary degree in its history. Professors Mishoe Brennecke and Bran Potter are the other faculty members on this committee, which includes Regent members. Such a draft would have to be presented to the honorary degree committee and likely the Regents at large in order to gain approval. The three senators also collected faculty opinions and recommendations, with names redacted, to be circulated in the Senate.

As of Wednesday afternoon, more than 30 recommendations had been submitted. Many students have expressed a desire for increased transparency about how sexual assault is handled on campus and feel that the University has failed in condemning sexual assault and harassment. The Leadership Coalition recently created a website, speakupsewanee.

On February 22, the Coalition organized a campus protest, covered here by The Purple. More than people attended. I mean myself. This is what democracy looks like. It does not look hierarchical, it is not 20 people making a decision for over 1, people. A question as far as, who are you really protecting? Our image? Or our students? But I believe that those who repent for their sins and acknowledge what they did was wrong and resolve not to sin again, should be given an opportunity to redeem themselves. Let those without sin throw the 1st stone. I personally am guilty of every bad thing that I ever accused anyone else of doing.

I would like to see Charlie Rose be given an opportunity to do penance by donating half of his personal wealth to a national organization that promotes the advancement of all women. From the college degreed women to women who clean other peoples toilets for a living for themselves and their families. Charlie Rose has got to be a multimillionaire. Charlie Rose has interviewed every political leader in the industrialized world both democratic and nondemocratic.

The biggest ones more times than once. Charlie Rose has interviewed almost every leader in business, science, government, art, medical science, sports, education president of Harvard who is a woman—Drew Faust , economists, law enforcement, publishing, and just about everybody that engages in some kind of effort to contribute to a better quality of life for all of humanity. Charlie Rose has had many female guests on his show. He has advocated for women on his show many times in ways that are not trivial. I am not condemning them. Charlie Rose is 5 years older than me. So I thought that if I am lucky enough to live that long, I would get an opportunity to see where the hell they are going to park all those corporate jets and other government executive jet airplanes.

Those jet airplanes will be having to drop off their passengers at the biggest airport in North Carolina probably Raleigh-Durham International Airport , then fly to some other airport in the USA to find a place to park for the night. The FAA is going to have to import a bunch of air traffic controllers to handle all the air traffic. February 23, thesewaneepurple News 4 comments. Students hung more than posters across campus the day after the decision was released.

Photo courtesy of Speak Up Sewanee. Members of the Leadership Coalition later addressed the school at large at a protest on February Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Loading Comments Required Name Required Website.

Wife want hot sex Sewanee

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