Wife swapping in Shellman GA

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If you are looking for Swingers in Georgia, then Swingular is the place for you. We have hundreds of thousands of swingers all over Georgia looking to meet new people. Choose a city for a list of Georgia Swingers in your area. If you do not see your city, choose the closest city to you as it will show you swingers within miles of the city in you Georgia selected. The males of couples I need your help!! But been that I am not a male this is hard. So please help. At the age of We are best friends. We have been together for 10 years,been married for 8 years. For the ten years we have only be with each other.

Before we were togrther I had been with 5 men I do mean men. When I was a teen,I went out with men : 18 to Before we were togrther he had been with 7 girls. I was with one woman and Chris was there but we had to stop before we got started. Then we had to stop because someone was try to come in the room. We were at a house party. This is why we are here. Second: We are in the same place regarding swinging. I only want to be with another woman. I do not want to be with another man. We both are not ready to have another man with us.

I just thought it would be easyer to fine a couple to do what we want. Then to find a single female. Because every where I go everyone is saying the samething " There are not as many single females looking for coupls as there is couples looking for single females. It saids that We want to be with a single bi-female I only want the women to play and the men to watch Third: Nothing can get in the way of our marraige.

We would never leave each other. We have been through too much together. At 18 we got back together and we had our frist miscarrage. At 19 we had our frist son and our son and I almost die and we had our second miscarrage and was told by a DR.

For 4 year we had sex maybe once a month because it hart to have sex. When we had sex it was over real fast because he did not want to hurt me. He never steped out on me. He never thought to step out on me. What ever was wrong with me was gone because it did not hart to have sex any more. At 25 we had our daughter and I almost die having her.

For the past 2 years we have wild sex almost every night. After having kids we finely got our sex life back. Now if only I can get my body back. LOL Swinger Hangout - Clubs - My girlfriend is curious about the lifestyle and I would like to take her to a bar or club where swingers hangout so she can meet some. Now that Habits and Moose are closed, I don't know where to go.

Does anyone know the current hangout? Swinging is NOT for everyone. Many people it seems are only one or two drinks away from major drama or worse! That's why it's so funny to see the thre from the "vanilla hunters".

They think it's way more fun to go out and try to seduce vanillas cause, hey, everybody really wants to be a swinger deep down, right? Hey we're all consenting with enough alcohol on board adults. All's fair in love and swinging. Divorce rates - How do we compare - We are a bit of an older couple with a different prospective.

Amoung our swinging friends and aquaintances if we were to generalize it is that they are on a second marriage, have been married for 10 years or so and are very happy. Amoung our non-swinging friends they are on their first second, or third marriage and are generally unhappy. I would put the divorce rate amoung the non-swingers at more than double that of the swingers over a 10 year period.

I promise you will feel better. Question of the day - Lets talk about men lasting - What makes me last a long time? Soft Swap. Making out for hours isn't a problem. I never orgasm while playing uvula hockey. Grab-ass doesn't get me off either. Nothing makes me last longer than a good round of Utah County style dead end levi-lovin. Fuck, I bet I could last for 3 days as long as the energy drinks keep flowing. Line up ladies, I'm stamina man soft swap style. You may not get off, and neither will I The best place to find friends is Habits in south salt lake. Now that said, Whats up this weekend Naughty Swinger Friends out there!!!!

What would you do? How amazing that the "couple in question" just happens to be in my home town. And my wife and I are at a serious impasse about the same subject, but in the "traditional direction" i. I still want it. She still doesn't. Why isn't "yes" just as valid? In our case, we've been married for over 25 years. We've had a very-good run. Our children are grown and gone. We're financially comfortable. And for me, being honest, the ONE thing that is my reward - is erotic fun.

That's IT for me. That's why "doing it" is called "doing IT". And I feel that there isn't anything else in my life that really gives me a "reason for living".

Wife swapping in Shellman GA

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