As I have said in a number of my previous articles about Norway, it is a bloody beautiful country. Rather than telling you (again) all…

Postcards from Norway

As  keen photographer, I have to say that Norway spoiled me. As I have said in a number of my previous articles about Norway, it is a bloody beautiful country. Now, whilst I could laboriously described to you in mind numbing detail why its so damn good looking, I figured it would be easier to let the photographs speak for themselves. After all, a picture (or 20) speaks a thousand words.

Below is a selection of my favourite photographs from my week in Norway.

A view of the Aurlandsfjord as seen from Flam - Norway

The Aurlandsfjord, viewed from the shore line in Flåm

Visit Bergen - Mt Floyen - Bergen sunset

Sunset over Bergen, viewed from the top of Mount Fløyen

A view of the spectacular Flam Valley, as seen from the Flam Railway

Flåm Valley, as viewed from the Flåmsbana Railway

Oslo City Guide - Royal Palace

The Royal Palace, Oslo

The Kjosfossen Waterfall, as seen from the Flam Railway on the journey to Flam

Kjosfossen Waterfall

Visit Bergen - night time reflections (2)

Night time in Bergen

Visiting Norway's Fjords - Colourful houses along the bank of the Nærøfjord, Flam, Norway

Colourful, fjord-side buildings

Visit Bergen - Mt Floyen - Bergen in the evening light

Warm pastel tones over Bergen, as seen from the summit of Mount Fløyen

The Flam Railway - a picture of the train carriages

Taking a ride on the Flåmsbana Railway

The Church in Old Flam Village

The Church in Old Flåm village

Visiting Norway's Fjords - A long exposure of Voringfossen Waterfall

Vøringfossen Waterfall

Oslo sunsets

Visiting Norway's Fjords - Sailing into the Nærøfjord, Flam, Norway

The Nærøfjord

Visit Bergen - Bryggen

The rustic charm of Bryggen, Bergen

Visit Bergen - delicious dessert


Red wooden houses, Flåm

Oslo City Guide - Opera House

The cool, modern lines of Oslo’s opera house

Visit Bergen - Train Station

Leading lines and symmetry in Bergen’s train station

Oslo City Guide - Lighthouse

Moody lighthouse scenes, Oslo

Visiting Norway's Fjords - Beautiful sunlight shining on the cliffs alongside the Hardanger Fjord

The Hardanger Fjord


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