The Greek Islands bring forth images of blue skies, whitewashed buildings and beautiful coastlines. Here’s a selection of photos from Rhodes to fuel your wanderlust… 

Postcards from Greece: Rhodes

In 2018, I spent a week soaking up the sun in Greece, chilling out and celebrating my brother’s wedding on the sun-kissed island of Rhodes. 

There are few places better suited to unravelling from stress and kicking back than the Greek Islands. The pace of life here is slower and it didn’t take long for my usually manic self to begin to slow down and follow suit. 

Alongside the obvious (and plentiful celebrations) I was determined to get out and see a bit of the Island, taking trips to both the Old Town and the village of Lindos. Below is a selection of my favourite photos taken during my trip to Rhodes.

~ Blessed by Sun ~

Located in the south-eastern Aegean sea, the island enjoys warm, sunny temperatures from April through to October each year. Even the colder winter months often enjoy temperatures in the double digits. This should all come as no surprise given that the island is known as the ‘Island of the Sun God Helios’. along its rugged 200km coastline, offers a multitude of beaches. What better place to spend a few hours soaking up the sun’s rays?

~ Picturesque Villages ~

With its maze of narrow, twisting alleyways and sugar cube houses, the fishing village of Lindos was personal highlight of the Island. In fact, it was so picture perfect, that I’ve dedicated a separate article to it, which can be found here. here’s a very small sample of what to expect…

~ Ancient Ruins ~

Looking for Ancient Greek ruins? Don’t fear, Rhodes has got you covered. Perched above Lindos village is an Acropolis which dates back to 200-300 BC. 

~ The Old Town ~

The Medieval Old Town of Rhodes is the oldest inhabited medieval city in Europe. Surrounded by a still intact  medieval wall, it is accessible through one of seven gates. Whilst the Old Town is now more catered for tourists – think  cafes, bars, restaurants, souvenir shops – the well preserved buildings and museums within make it easy to imagine what life would have been like here long ago. My personal highlight was the wonderfully preserved Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes. Its courtyard, in particular, with its leading lines and plentiful number of statues, made for some interesting photographs. 

If this article has piqued your interest, for more information about a trip to Rhodes, check out the Rhodes Guide website, which offers a multitude of travel facts, and overview of the island and accommodation information.

Have you been to Rhodes yourself? What were your highlights? How did it compare to the other Greek Islands?


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