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On July 1, , Tr. Foley stopped a vehicle on Route 7 in Corinna for a vehicle defect. The investigation revealed that a passenger in the vehicle, Christine Ward 31 had a warrant for her arrest for failure to appear on a theft charge. Ward was placed under arrest without incident. Ward posted bail at Dexter Police Department and was released from the scene. On July 3rd, , Tr. Beaudoin conducted a traffic stop on Rt. He was issued a summons. On June 27, , Tr. Dube conducted a traffic stop on Rt. The vehicle was registered to Edith Bridges, 41, of Machias.

Bridges was under suspension for failure to maintain required liability insurance. Bridges was issued a summons for OAS, and a d passenger of the vehicle took over operation of the vehicle. Bragan was monitoring traffic on I in Orono. Bragan observed an older style Chevy car with no inspection sticker. Bragan initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle and spoke to the driver as and the passenger Casey White, Bragan identified that Casey was on bail with search conditions. Bragan conducted a bail check on Casey and located Heroin inside her purse.

Casey was placed under arrest and transported to the jail. While at the jail Casey had two Xanax pills fall out of her pant leg. A search was conducted by jail staff and two three more Xanax pills were located down Casey pants. Casey was charged for possession of schedule Z and W drugs.

On July 2, , Tr. Bragan was monitoring traffic on I when he observed a van pass by with no inspection sticker. Bragan conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and identified the driver as Marie Reynolds, Marie provided Tr. Bragan did a check on Casey and confirmed that her had expired in Marie was issued a summons for operating without a . On July 3, , Tr. Bragan was monitoring traffic on I when he clocked a vehicle operating at 88 mph in a mph zone.

Bragan conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle. The operator of the vehicle verbally identified himself as Angel Hernandez, Neither party as able to provide Tr. Bragan with any documentation of residency in the U. Bragan contacted Border Patrol for assistance on looking into information on the subject. Bragan was advised that there was nothing in the system and as far as they could tell the subjects were here illegally. Border Patrol came down from Houlton and took custody of the two subjects for their illegal status in the U. On July 3,, Tr. Bragan was dispatched to a crash at Southbound.

Bragan arrived and determined that the cause of the crash was a result of confusion when two vehicles were attempting to merge. Bragan learned through the investigation that the driver and passenger had switched seats. Bragan interviewed the alleged driver who admitted to being the one that was driving during the crash. The driver identified himself as Robert Charette, Olmstead and Tr. Haverly-Johndro were dispatched to Main Rd. Olmstead interviewed the victim, Candance Cox, 30 of Old Town, down the road from this address. Haverly-Johndro responded to Main Rd.

Brian was transported to the Penobscot County Jail. Olmstead responded to a suspicious vehicle complaint in the area of Cram St. Upon arrival Tr. Olmstead contacted Lucas White, 32 of Corinth. Lucas initially provided a false name. Once Lucas was properly identified, Tr. Olmstead learned he was on probation. After speaking with PO Reed, a probation hold was authorized for Lucas. Olmstead placed Lucas under arrest and transported him to the Penobscot County Jail. Olmstead stopped a vehicle operated by Liannor Morin, 26 of Bradley, for an inspection sticker violation on Route 9 in Eddington.

During the course of the stop Tr. Olmstead learned Liannor had an active arrest warrant for failure to appear on a failure to register motor vehicle charge. Olmstead placed Liannor under arrest and transported her to the Penobscot County Jail. On June 29, , Tr. Haverly-Johndro was on patrol, traveling in Newport. Haverly-Johndro observed a vehicle travel past him with no front plate. Haverly-Johndro proceeded to stop the vehicle and contact the operator, Todd Wark.

Upon further investigation, it was deemed the registration plate on the back of the vehicle was falsely attached. Haverly-Johndro charged the operating with attaching false plates. Haverly-Johndro was traveling Northbound on I in Benton.

Haverly-Johndro approached a vehicle that was traveling in the passing lane. Haverly-Johndro got behind the vehicle, in which the vehicle proceeded to speed up to MPH. Haverly-Johndro stopped the vehicle and made contact with the operator. Further investigation revealed the operator, year-old, Allen Janness was suspended.

Haverly-Johndro charged Janness with criminal speed and operating after suspension. A d driver took control of the vehicle. Ramp clocked a vehicle traveling at mph in a mph zone. Ramp identified the operator as Jeanette Orji, 23, of Massachusetts.

Ramp issued Orji a citation for speed. Belanger stopped Latisha Cook 25 of Searsport on Rt. Cannell was on probation for Burglary, Robbery, and Drug Possession. Seized from Cannell was 8mg Suboxone strips, a baseball bat used in the above assault, several blunt weapons, 7 bladed weapons, two stun-based weapons, and three replica firearms stored with burglary equipment. Sara-Kate was summonsed for Operating after Suspension and directed to park her vehicle and not drive until she obtained a valid . Quintero responded to a single vehicle crash in Frankfort.

Crystal Cunningham 29 of Belfast, was found to be the operator. Cunningham was found in possession of multiple bags of Methamphetamine and along with a loaded shotgun. Belanger and Cpl. Samantha Brown 41 of Swanville, was arrested for Possession of schedule W drugs methamphetamines, possession of schedule Z drugs Gabapentin, VCR, and hindering apprehension.

Quintero conducted a warrant check at Rocky Rd Northport. Martin stopped a vehicle for a loud exhaust. The operator, Nicholas Hart 34 , had a suspended and was summonsed for Operating After Suspension.

Mature sex ny Lewiston Maine my fire

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