Looking to conceive

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And although it might happen quickly, it could take longer than expected, even if you and your partner are healthy. Your cycle starts over and you wonder, will this be the one? If not, when will it happen? You can do a lot to take care of yourself. While everyone is different, there are certain things that women who are trying to get pregnant say are especially hard to deal with.

But it might take longer. A lot of things can affect that, including your age and health. Some couples get pregnant without even trying. For others, it can be a big project. They might get blood tests and have extra doctor appointments. When you want to have a baby, a lot of strong feelings can come up.

If you feel upset, fearful, ashamed, or guilty, counseling or a support group could be a comfort. If conceiving proves hard, lots of other issues can come up. How long do we want to try? What other options do we want to explore? You might be very open about your pregnancy hopes, plans, progress, and setbacks. You might want to talk about it and appreciate it if close friends or family ask.

Love and support from friends and family helps. When you want to be pregnant, you might suddenly be super-aware of all the pregnancies and babies around you in real life or on social media. Or you might be healthy but decide to explore other ways to expand your family, like fertility treatments, adoption, or surrogacy. These decisions, too, can be complicated and emotional. Try to focus on what you, your partner, and your doctor think is best.

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Looking to conceive

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