Lonely and could use a friend or more

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People are often unwilling to admit being lonely. They may be ashamed of feeling that way, and want to be seen positively by friends and family—better that they imagine you to be a sparkling social butterfly than a cocooned Netflix-watcher who just wishes they were out fluttering with friends.

The saddest part is, people who hide their loneliness may have good reason for doing so— one study shows that lonely people are seen more negatively by new acquaintances. But the loved ones of a lonely person could play a big role in helping them feel better, and ameliorating the serious health risks of social isolation. The question is, can people even tell when others are feeling lonely? A new study published in the Journal of Research in Personality investigates the loneliness question and comes away with the answer: Sort of.

And it depends on your relationship to the person. A group of German researchers, from the University of Cologne, Free University of Berlin, and RWTH Aachen, looked at online survey data from young adults who self-reported their feelings of loneliness and life satisfaction. The same was true for life satisfaction. Romantic partners were better than both parents and friends at detecting how lonely or satisfied a person was, probably due to the often more intimate nature of that relationship.

Friends and parents were both more likely to positively skew their ratings of a person. Interestingly, while partner ratings were very similar to both friend and parent ratings, the friend and parent ratings were not similar to each other. Popular Latest.

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Lonely and could use a friend or more

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