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The victim was Identified at Mrs. Kathorlne M. Thompson ol Middle River. Essex police said Mn. Thompson, Mrs. Repay in monthly in- stalments. Take 12,15 or more months to repay depending on the purpose of your loan. Wsiton flit. Ztu 3 Luim Nt. About midstream, the boat overturned and Mrs. She summoned two neighbors, Wlllard Gross and Henry Davis, who rowed out to the rescue. When they arrived, Mrs. Plckerang was stll clinging feebly to the overturned rowboat, although she had apparently just lapsed Into unconsciousness.

Thompson's body was recovered an hour, later by police. After police administered i artificial respiration to Mrs. Plckerang, both she and Mrs, Knapp were taken to Baltimore city hospitals for treatment for shock and exposure.

A follow always apreclated hla missus more after she'd been gone for a while. Sure, he had told her he didn't like the script, but why rub It In? Thli WM her third out-of- town flop In a year. He pushed open the door and waited for the. Why cope with cluttered covers -- piles of them? Why sleep restlessly and cramped because you, arc too hot or too cold -- often both on the same night? Yes, why -- when you can sleep better and be more comfortable all night long under just out Automatic Electric Blanket?

With an Electric Blanket, you select the warmth you prefer, and go to bed. That is all. The bedside control automatically guards your comfort and health. Be modern. Own one. See Your Home Appliance Dealer! Tn this some kind of joke? It's on me," said his wife. Bctoie I could even say hello, someone said, 'How come you didn't call laat night, Clark?

It's lonesome up horn without you. I naked who was calling. There was a gasp, and tho dame hung up. Miriam wasn't that good an actress. My lawyer will fix It so you jan keep playing patlyeake wllh the new dame. At the door, she caid, "You admit I'm right, don't you? I don't know who made the phone call, but it isn't Important. The Important thing la you no longer trust tie. It's been pietty nice around here for five years. I didn't ask any dopey questions; you didn't ask any. We believed In each other. From here on In, you'd always bo auspicious. The dance director lit It for her.

But why discuss it? Our thing ia. That was a brainy slunl, calling mo al the apartment. If I hadn't said the right things, I'd bo minus a wife now. Dcnsfoi'rt, pre. Grccr of the slate police tnkl Ails story last night of how his department eamo by the monoy: L. In he front sent with him wns yenr-old Jonn Melson, also of Brooklyn. Two youthful hitchhikers were In the bnck sent Rosenblum said the money-filled suitcase belonged to him and that he nnd Joan, friends nf long stand- ins, had driven all Ihe way from Brooklyn "lo gel RS far away from Ihnt town as possible," Giflfr said the hitchhikers had been using the suitcase for a footstool and that when he told them how much money it contained "they were speechless," The young couple was taken to Shroveport for questioning.

Jacob L Rosenhluw the bov's father, and Jacob R. Melson, fnther of the girl, arrlvfrt at Shreveport by plane and obtained the release of the youngsters hi: money, however, wns retained hv police pending further In; vestlfjatlon of Its ownership, Police siild that young Roson- blum told them the automobile trip hegnn Oct.

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I won w4m yes Bridgeport you

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