I need to diversify my friends

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But how do we break past these barriers to form genuine friendships? Allow me to start at the beginning with my first experience with a friend group of girls outside of my race. I went to a Catholic school on the Southside of Chicago, and there were a couple of White and Latinx kids in my class but not in my friend group.

Being immersed in camp where my sister and I were the minority was a major change. The other campers did and said things we were not familiar with, they had likes and interests we had never heard of. Camp songs, Perler be, and A Walk to Remember filled our time. I was immersed in a new environment for a full summer, so I had the time and opportunity to get to know many kids who looked different from me and came from different backgrounds.

Fast forward through the other experiences in my life where I found myself as a minority. Right before the Stay at Home order was issued earlier this year, one of my best friends was over for vision board making while listening to music.

This friend is White, born and raised in Southern Illinois. We met at a party in undergrad, when we locked eyes and approached each other to applaud our style and outfits. On this evening of vision board arts and crafts, we listened to many different genres and styles of music. She asked if I minded if we listened to the soundtrack for A Walk to Remember , I laughed and told her that was absolutely fine. Knowing people of different races and actually developing friendships are different in one major way: when you know people outside your race, you want them to be comfortable around you.

If you have questions you ask them; you have hard conversations with them, and you want to get to know their heart. The heart of who you are is similar to the heart of many other people no matter their outer differences. That is the excuse. You can find friends in your fitness classes , at your favorite coffee spot, or at events around the city. Working actively toward developing a friendship is the most effective way to succeed. If you passively attempt to make friends, the result will be a collection of acquaintances versus true friends.

Show up when they need you to speak up on their behalf, behind closed doors, and in private moments. I show up for these friends by supporting their decisions, being an ally and advocate, and making the time to continue to develop the friendship. If we get to know each other, we can come to respect one another. When a race is being held down or left behind we can all work together to help pick them up. First Name. address:. Thank you for sharing your insight to developing true friendships outside of our traditional settings. I believe we can never truly heal until we are real with each other.

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I need to diversify my friends

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It's Time To Broaden Your Friend Group. Here's How To Start.