I dont really hang out with girls

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EU Students. Further information. News forums. Entertainment forums. Other interests. Home […] Forums Life and style Relationships. Guys - do you generally hang out with girls you don't fancy Watch. Go to first unread. Skip to :. Anonymous 1. Report Thread starter 4 years ago 1. So I hang out with this guy quite a lot, but Idk if he sees me as a friend, or is attracted to me. So I was wondering, do guys generally only hang out with girls they fancy, or do you hang out with people just to be friends? Not what you're looking for? Report 4 years ago 2.

I guess it depends on the activity and whether you're e. If we don't share a social group and I don't fancy her, I don't hang out with her unless she's an old friend, yet although I don't fancy any of my colleagues, we still sometimes share a lunch or watch a film together, for example. Actually, it's easier to befriend girls I don't fancy because my mind is clear and it's all about common interests rather than primal instincts.

Report Thread starter 4 years ago 3. Actually, it's easier to befriend girls I don't fancy because one's mind is clear and it's all about common interests rather than primal instincts. Report 4 years ago 4. I don't mind hanging out with couples but forget hanging out one on one. Girls aren't interesting enough for that. They don't have the banter. Report 4 years ago 5. Report 4 years ago 6. Original post by Anonymous So I hang out with this guy quite a lot, but Idk if he sees me as a friend, or is attracted to me.

Aerospengie Badges: Report 4 years ago 7. Report 4 years ago 8. Report Thread starter 4 years ago 9. Women are interesting to chat to, much different than talking to one of the l, though like the other guy said one on one with a female can be boring lol. Though if I fancied a girl I would definitely try and see her more and hang out with her, ofc the attraction has to be two sided. If I find she dont like me i will back down eventually.

Kocytean Badges: Report 4 years ago I prefer female company to male company, but I'm not sure if I'd go to meet someone on their own a few times a week. We don't know enough about the situation to give advice though. Maybe just like, push things a little bit and see how he reacts. NobleLeather Badges: 2. Original post by Anonymous interesting strategy here And how would you show that you like her? Original post by NobleLeather Guys will hangout with anything. Report Thread starter 4 years ago Once I know she likes me then I will compliment her, tell her I like her, ask her out and take things from there.

Though any of this is yet to happen to me Some guys are straight up and will ask you out, others will take things slow and to their own accord. Mr Smurf Badges: I have hung out with girls I do not find attractive. Original post by Anonymous so I can't really tell if we are just friends or not? Well it probably has never happened to you cos u keep friendzoning the girls!

If he does none of that and you've been hanging out for a long time then he probs isn't interested. Hmm it depends, if I'm not attracted I can't really hang out with them because it's just boring… if I'm attracted I'll either hang out with them or try to dodge them depending on the tension. I like having that sort of tension but being friends, I find girls only have good banter with that tension going on. Original post by Anonymous well, it's not so much compliments as banter Quick Reply. Submit reply. Attached files. Write a reply Back to top. Related discussions. Related articles.

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I dont really hang out with girls

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How To Distinguish Between Dating vs. Hanging Out