Handsome Olathe male looking for a classy lady

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It looks as if the country will get a lot of good prizes. This handsome Gold Watch is the boy's halt of the second prize. Kelly will tell you all about it and then you will realize that the Mirror is giving away very valuable prizes. The Mirror has made arrangements with the Big Grange. Of course, the uge of the winner will determine the stylu of the suit and the furs, but every boy and girl will find it an easy matter to suit themselves in the enormous stocks carried at the Grange store.

We will turn winners over to the man agement of the Grange store with orders to send them away thoroughly satisfied and everybody knows that the Grange is both anxious and able to carry out the order. Read the Grange store advertisement on another, of this paper, you may see the very thing you would like to have and then you will feel like boosting the Mirror and for a certainty we are going to make it pay to "Boost the Mirror. The winner of the seventh prize has only to make a choice of the books wanted and even if you do not find the books you want in the stock J.

This won't seem like very hard luck for the firm keep always on hand the very choicest of bon bons and confections always fresh. The cart is adjustable, two seated with fine cushions upholstered in the best style, rubber tires and red geared. To mount the front seat there is a step on each side ana the back seat is reached by a step in the rear. This piano finished pony cart is the very best made and together with the biass mounted harness and the handsome little Teddy, the turnout is easily the most fashionable and stylish e?

Four at time the young folks were driven around the city and Teddy, though looking no larger than a good sized dog, trotted up and down hill with perfect ease and never seemed to tire of the job. Of course the children didn t tire and almost every one of them patted the little pony affectionately and always with the assur ance that they were going to win him. The Olathe Milling Co. On another of this paper The Olathe Milling Co. Try them once and you will use no other.

The Big Racket is just as anxious to please the winner as we are. If you are in the contest call at the Big Racket and see the line of coats and if you are not in the contest call and see the Big Racket line and then you'll get in, for it's worth your while to win one of these coats. That it will be an ornament in any home is an assured fact. Now it would likely make some difference in the style chosen, whether a boy or girl wins this prize, but the Hill drug stoi will have the style that will suit either the young lady or the the young t?

Their advertisement appears every week on another of the Mirror and among their fall and holiday goods you will see something in the toilet line. You will find it just the thing desired and you can get it by securing subscribers for the Mirror. Woodbury's guarantee is enough to satisfy any young lady in Johnson county and the fact that the watch is the famous Waltham make is proof that neither us nor the jeweler can say too much for it. The request of the Mirror to Ott Bros was to send the winner away pleased and satisfied and send the bill to the Mirror. BARRPiTj Now when the Mirror offers a pair of shoes for a boy as half of the fifth prize, we want the boy or young man who gets in the fifth place to understand that he Joe Barnett's can get the best that store carries and that means the best on the market.

The -fifteenth prize is a three month's ticket to all shows and entertainments at the Lyric theatre and the winner will be furnished a pass by the Mirror. The boy or girl who wins this may have the photo taken of a family group or in, part There is no restriction as to s and like all the work that comes from the Roberd's studio you can rely on it being first-class. Values in these goods are not easily seen, but the ladles both young and old know something of the cost when you get the right goods.

The first prize will be woe by some boy or. He is not yet three years old and is perfectly trained. Any boy or girl can afford to do some work to win this Pony, Cart and Harness. It is coming Christmas and there is a ladies and a gentlemens gold vatch for the. These prizes like everything else in the world goes to the hustler. Try it free. Get access to this with a Free Trial. Next. Get access to Newspapers.

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Handsome Olathe male looking for a classy lady

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