Grad student for friends with benefits

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Having watched the graduate students in the lab I worked in for 3. Yet, once I actually got to grad school, I was blindsided by unexpected challenges. If you are thinking about getting on the graduate school roller coaster and trying to get a peek at grad life before hopping on, be aware that there are unexpected realizations about this next chapter in your academic career that no one can prepare you for. Mine came in the form of these four questions. How is it possible to be more tired in less time? While getting more sleep??? I realized that in my undergrad years, my work was spread out in chunks throughout the day.

By contrast, in grad school, all my work is concentrated into several straight hours, which makes me way more tired at the end of the day. Sometimes that means getting up earlier than normal so I can start an experiment early, or staying in the lab until 11 p. I still end up collapsing on the couch more nights than I would like. Prepare yourself: You might get used to going to bed at 10 p. I was so good at making friends in college! I had so many friends! College has so many opportunities to make friends: roommates, people in your ACS student chapter, ukulele club, breakfast foods club, classmates.

You get to have dinner together at the dining center, study together, and play Frisbee together on the quad. Or, if you're me, you peer out of the library with your friends and question who has time to play Frisbee on the quad. In grad school, however, it is way more likely that you might live more than a minute walk away from campus, only take classes for two or three terms, and not have "Frisbee" amounts of free time, all of which make socializing much harder. Depending on the vibe of your cohort or department, you may or may not be good friends with your classmates.

After I finished taking required classes, I suddenly stopped seeing people who were not in my lab group. I am thankful I ed a group that is social and full of people I like. Most of my meaningful friendships have turned out to be with my lab mates. Along with noticing how much harder it is to make friends, you may notice something about your schedule and your immediate candidates for friends that makes you wonder:.

My advice to you is to find some friends who are not chemists. There is nothing wrong with having only scientist friends, but we are, in the grand scheme of things, a pretty homogeneous bunch. Maybe a university-wide graduate student group. Talking to a philosophy PhD student or a creative writing MFA student is a very different experience than talking to another scientist. Having a roommate who is not a graduate student is also great.

They know the hours you work and tell you, "Wow, you work a lot" even when you feel like you are not working enough. It's a revelation to realize that by any normal person's standards, yes You may also go out on a limb and find friends who -- gasp! I have enjoyed learning about different life stages from the people in my church small group. You can be retired and still be super busy and fulfilled. To meet people, you can a community choir or orchestra, volunteer at an animal shelter, take an improv class, or a recreational sports league.

That is not good! Do not do that! In the past couple of years, I have started collecting vinyl. Turning off the chemistry part of my brain but still feeling productive is nice. And it gives me something to look forward to at home besides watching TV or sleeping.

books. Grow houseplants. Get into baking stuff from The Great British Bake Off and then bring your creations in for your lab mates to eat, thank you very much! For most people, graduate school takes up most of your twenties. I am a little okay, a lot afraid of riding roller coasters. You can find her on Twitter brittanytrang.

Few things will have more impact on your happiness and success than ing the right lab. These strategies will help you find a good fit. This Westfield State University grad student has been on a mission to continue advanced studies in chemistry. Read about his journey to achieve his goals. If graduate school is in your plans, research most likely is too.

See how students describe their individual experiences selecting the right research advisor for them. Read how she managed multiple barriers to pursue her dream of becoming a scientist. Grad School. Headed to Grad School? Expect the Unexpected. Getty Images. I thought I knew what to expect when I started graduate school. Why am I so tired? In college, my schedule looked something like: — am: Work in lab — am: Class am — pm: Eat lunch — pm: Work in lab — pm: Another class — pm: Hang out and catch up with some friends — pm: Get dinner — pm: Go to a student group meeting pm — am or whenever I finished my homework : Homework am: Go to bed My first quarter of graduate school looked something like: — am: Class am — pm: Another class — pm: Eat lunch while grading pre labs — pm: Teach lab — pm: Try to catch the last half of a group meeting for one of the labs I was interested in ing — pm: Go home and finally eat dinner pm: Take a nap on the floor before eventually peeling myself off the floor to go to bed for real How is it possible to be more tired in less time?

Why is making friends suddenly so hard? Along with noticing how much harder it is to make friends, you may notice something about your schedule and your immediate candidates for friends that makes you wonder: 3. Why are all my friends chemists? About the Author. More Grad School Articles. March 17, Choosing a Research Advisor If graduate school is in your plans, research most likely is too. Subscribe to our Newsletter Be the first to know about upcoming opportunities and chemistry related news. I would like to receive more information on programs, products, and services from the ACS via .

Grad student for friends with benefits

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