Faithful man need friend

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Jennifer Skiff and her faithful friend. When I was recovering from a tumour in my bone marrow, Philophal, a mix of terrier and poodle, and Nicky, a labrador cross, would jump on me until I got out of bed each day. Chickpea, my one-eyed Shih Tzu, has been the child I never had. When at times I didn't want to go on any longer my love for dogs kept me here. Love between people often changes but you can always count on the unwavering love of a dog. According to evolutionary biologist Professor Mark Bekoff dogs have empathy and compassion toward others and experience emotions and feelings.

He and other experts are confirming what many owners already know: dogs care. The world is filled with people who have reached the same conclusion but some of them have even been saved by their dogs. Sometimes dogs empathise so closely and intimately with their owners that their behaviour seems little short of miraculous. They include Scott Thornsley, who thought his life was over after his wife left him in , two weeks before he lost his job of 19 years.

I decided to commit suicide. But at the very moment he chose to act on his decision his rottweiler Emma ran into the room, grabbed his hand ferociously and pulled him to the front door. What happened next in the darkest moment of his life saved his life. She wandered without direction, refusing to let me turn around. A couple of hours passed and during that time my mind cleared and I realised my life was not over.

There is no doubt in my mind that Emma saved my life that day. Joy Peterkin lost her home and belongings in Hurricane Katrina but still had her chihuahua Little Bit. Just as Joy was finding some normality in her life Little Bit began persistently nudging a spot on her breast.

Says Joy: "She would get up in my lap and nose my right breast. Before this she had always snuggled up in the morning while I drank coffee and read the paper. I started to notice that it hurt when she bumped me. I felt around but didn't find anything unusual. After two weeks of Little Bit behaving in this strange manner Joy decided to see the doctor. Sure enough they found a spot on my right breast that didn't look right. A biopsy proved it was cancer which was at such an early stage that even the surgeon couldn't feel it.

Joy was operated on three weeks later. Research confirms that people with dogs have reduced stress, lower blood pressure, less heart disease and they suffer from lower rates of depression than people who don't have dogs. But sometimes dogs empathise so closely and intimately with their owners that their behaviour seems little short of miraculous. AT THE age of 21 Alyssa Denis was perfectly healthy and finishing her first year of paramedic training when she started coughing up blood. Two years later she was finally diagnosed with severe systemic lupus, a disease that attacks the immune system and which in Alyssa's case focused on her heart and lungs, creating scar tissue that damaged and weakened her organs.

Confined to a wheelchair for several years she was eventually given a black labrador retriever service dog named Luna. Just having to get out of bed each day to go outside made a huge difference in my life. Soon she was using her crutches instead of her wheelchair. I took Luna to a nearby field and let her off the lead when all of a sudden my world started spinning.

I knew that something was terribly wrong. When I came to Luna was standing over me licking my face as she had been trained to do. I tried to stand but couldn't. So I put one hand on Luna's shoulder and one on her hip and asked her to steady. She stood still but I couldn't get up. So I asked her to steady again and this time I put my arms around her neck. And that's what she did. She used her strength to pull me home. Tests revealed I had suffered a ministroke.

We lived above the funeral parlour in a very spacious, beautiful apartment. Its only drawback was that it was rather spooky. I had left both my dogs alone in the apartment plenty of times, they were both more than 10 years old and pretty relaxed. But one day while I was out I received an urgent call from one of the funeral directors. A funeral was in session and the dogs were barking incessantly. No one could calm them. I rushed home and met Jim at the back stairs.

We ran up together and witnessed the same thing when we opened the door. Mary and Philophal were in the hallway standing opposite each other as if a person stood between them. They were both looking upward and barking ferociously. Our entry didn't discourage them because they were clearly protecting their territory from an intruder. We called their names and they looked at us in acknowledgement before immediately turning back to something that was very real to them but invisible to us. And then it was as if the entity started walking towards the door. Both dogs turned in the same direction, barking and following the same thing until they were led to the door where the funeral was in progress.

They both sniffed frantically at the door and then at the thin gap between the door and the floor. A moment later they turned around and greeted us. If there was ever a time I was speechless this was it. Jim and I looked at each other and the incident was rarely mentioned again. There are some things we as humans don't really want to tap into, especially not when one is living in a funeral home. Battersea Dogs And Cats Home was experiencing a series of what it suspected were break-ins.

Some of the dogs in one kennel section were repeatedly being let out at night. At first it was suspected that someone was playing a joke but it happened night after night. Staff arrived in the morning to a messy kitchen and dogs roaming the halls. Cameras were installed to try to catch the culprit. And they did. It was a lurcher known as Red and he wasn't breaking in, he was breaking out. As the cameras rolled Red unbolted his kennel using his nose and teeth and proceeded to the kitchen for a bite to eat. After he'd opened a bag of food and had a meal he unlocked the kennel of his best friend, the dog he'd been found with.

He then released his favourite playmates. A party ensued. There was a feast and lots of playing around. It's hysterical to watch. It's also proof that dogs care about one another. But once they were outside in hardfalling snow Emma refused to let Scott go home.

But events subsequently took a dramatic turn four months after Luna arrived in her life. And all I could think about was how lucky I was. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Luna. Who you gonna call - the dog busters!

Faithful man need friend

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