An Essaouira sunset is a wonderful thing. They were one of my Moroccan highlights. Check out my sunset gallery for ideas for capturing the best photos… 

Essaouira Sunset Gallery

On 1 December 2017, I arrived at Essaouira, a chilled out and hedonistic town located on Morocco’s Atlantic Coast. After a few hectic days amongst the hustle and bustle of Marrakech, I was looking forward to finishing up my trip by chilling out. I liked Essaouira from the get go, with its rustic charm, buskers and surfers. Not to mention the fresh fish from the market place next to the port. 

I didn’t do much research before visiting and was blown away by the vibrancy of the sunsets. Each evening I enjoyed a tapestry of oranges, reds, pinks and purples. Visiting in winter meant that I lucked out because sunset coincided with low tide. As the water receded down the beach, the wet send became a giant mirror, creating postcard perfect views. 

For three nights I patrolled the beach and the port, watching and marvelling at the sky. To this day, those three nights combine into my favourite photoshoot of all time (narrowly beating the experience of photographing Hong Kong at Night). I recently looked back over my photos from my trip to Morocco and there were so many scenes which I hadn’t appreciated the first time round. So, what was I to do? Make a new blog post of course! Scroll down for a selection of splendid Moroccan sunsets. You never know, it might inspire you to get out there yourself. 

Essaouira Sunsets: The Medina

There’s a small section of beach the South West of the medina, which is only revealed at low tide. When this coincides with sunset (or sunrise if you are an early bird), it offers the chance to capture some wonderful shots of the ancient walls basking in the golden evening light. Turn around 180 degrees and you’ll be treated to views of the port, fort and the castle ruins on Essaouira’s small island, all backdropped by a fiery sky.

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Essaouira Sunsets: The Beach

Essaouira’s main beach can be found to the southeast of the medina. It stretches out, following the coast’s gently curving contours for a couple of kilometres. At the far end of the beach are the ruins of Borja El-Berod, an old watchtower which is slowly succumbing to the ravages of the Atlantic Ocean. The ruins provide a great focal point for composing your Essaouira sunset photos. Across the water, the tower of the Mogador Island Mosque provides another interesting focal point. My recommendation would be to take a stroll down the beach in the mid to late afternoon. Ocean Vagabond cafe is a good place to stop off, chill out and wait for sunset to descend.

Essaouira Sunsets: Silhouettes & Palm Trees

Essaouira’s beach is a hive of activity. During the day surfers and kitesurfer take advantage of the Atlantic’s windswept waves. As the sun descends down its arc, keep an eye out for people taking an evening stroll, camels and horse riders. There’s a bounty of interesting subject matter to silhouette against the colourful Essaouiran sky. Just off the beach and located just outside of the Medina are some basketball courts and palm trees which as you can imagine make for some wonderful compositions. 

If you have been lucky enough to witness a spectacular Essaouira sunset, let me know below.  


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