Hong Kong is a city like no other. Although surprisingly, given my current infatuation, this was not a tale of love at first sight. I first visited in 2015 for 3 days as part of a wider trip around Asia. A combination of sleep deprivation, recovering from food poisoning and having spent time in Singapore’s more modern surrounds meant that I just didn’t get what Hong Kong was about (the shame!). This and the fact that 3 days is barely enough time to scratch the surface in a place like this!

In 2018 I headed back to the Pearl of the Orient for a 10 night stay. What changed? 2015 was a time when the travel bug was only just starting to take hold. 3 years later, I’m a little older (sigh) and a little wiser (although I’m sure friends might disagree). This time, I got to know the city – its personality, its secrets, its beauty and its flaws. You might say that Hong Kong has cast a spell over me.

If you want to go an see some of the most jaw dropping city sights that exist, if you want to experience the hustle and bustle of the city with the most skyscrapers on earth, if you want to try some of the most delicious food ever cooked or drink at some of the coolest bars on the planet, if you want to mix all of this with the great outdoors, well then, I have two words for you: Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Articles:

Hong Kong at Night - Hong Kong Island Ferris Wheel

Hong Kong at Night

A photo album capturing Hong Kong by night: a tale of neon signs and light trails. Hong Kong is arguably the world’s most photogenic city…

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