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This year, more than ever, spring represents a rebirth or new beginning. As more people get the COVID vaccination we begin to see activities returning to some semblance of normal. Shops and restaurants are finally seeing some recovery and an atmosphere of optimism is all around us. Please visit their website at www. We are all hopeful for a successful year and continuation of our partnership with the Park District. The first match is scheduled for June 27th and they plan to host 10 events throughout the summer.

Depending on CDC restrictions they are planning to have small and large tents and tailgating with no grandstands this year. Polo is a great way to enjoy time with family and friends in a safe environment while enjoying thrilling competition and good food and drinks!

I am delighted to share that Butler National, Pineoak Partners and the Village of Oak Brook have reached an agreement to bring Polo back to the upper field in This twelve-year agreement includes cost escalators and ensures that the Village will not lose any lease money.

Everyone involved will benefit including the fans and the players. There are many new and exciting happenings around Oak Brook this spring. Lifetime Fitness Oak Brook will open on April 19th. This , square foot building is located at the North end of Oakbook Center and is a welcome addition to our community. The Sheridan, Senior Lifestyle is ready for new residents. This upscale community offers Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care options with personal care services tailored to each resident.

They also offer activities, events, social opportunities, amenities and entertainment in addition to offering beautiful floor plans. I believe that having facilities like this adds value to our community and I am pleased that they have chosen to locate in Oak Brook. We have had a rough year and their steadfast determination has greatly assisted in getting us through. I wish them much luck in their new endeavors. I look forward to working with them and having a fresh perspective on Village challenges.

On behalf of the Trustees and staff, I would, thank you for the opportunity to be of service to you. We welcome your thoughts, ideas and concerns. On behalf of the Village Board, I would like to wish everyone a happy, healthy, and hopeful New Year! Last year at this time, our community was looking forward to a productive and prosperous year.

There were many exciting new projects about to begin and after the disappointment of having to cancel the Taste of Oak Brook in , we were looking forward to bringing back our iconic festival. Who could have predicted the events that transpired in ! Even though the pandemic has not yet been contained, there is now optimism in the air with the arrival of the vaccines for Covid infection. Beginning in , we need to switch gears and commence the rebuilding process. Our economy has taken a huge hit because of the pandemic. As your Village President, the Board and I have had to be make some hard decisions in order to balance the budget, but our top priority is always the safety and well-being of our residents as well as maintenance of high quality services which each one of you so richly deserve.

I am hopeful that the supply and deployment of the vaccine will increase so that everyone has the opportunity to get immunized. During this period, it remains vitally important to continue to socially distance, wear face coverings, wash hands frequently, and avoid large gatherings.

The mutated strain of Coronavirus could be more contagious than the original. However, we need to be patient for a little while longer. This, too, shall pass. In addition to our personal lives, most commerce was adversely effected by the pandemic. However, building construction was one of the few industries that operated with little interruption, and Oak Brook was fortunate to have some substantial projects in the works.

The beautiful new Restoration Hardware structure and the Hines project are well underway. There are many other new and exciting developments including new high-end restaurants that will enhance our community. They will begin to take membership applications in April; kindly visit their website at www.

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone for their cooperation and understanding during this past year. These worst of times brought out the best in people. For that, we can all be proud. As always, the Trustees, staff and I are here to serve you. Please with your thoughts, ideas, and concerns. Once authorization of the Pfizer vaccine occurs, our state will receive , doses to be delivered the following week. Chicago will receive a separate allocation 23, doses from that total, and IDPH will oversee the balance of 86, doses for the remainder of the state. Delivery of , doses is expected the following week December 20 , and , doses the week after December Nearly , doses are expected by the end of this month.

If the Moderna vaccine is also authorized, additional , doses are expected the last 2 weeks of December The CDC Advisory Committee has prioritized vaccination of frontline health care workers and long term care residents. The first week will begin with vaccination of hospital teams. The quantity supplied is enough to get immunizations started but insufficient for all health care workers. The vaccine must be administered within 5 days after it has been placed in the vaccine cooler to meet required ultra-low temperatures.

Vaccinations in long term facilities are expected to begin the second week. The federal government has contracted with CVS and Walgreens to vaccinate long term facility populations. Above initial phase could take 3 weeks or longer until all willing to be vaccinated are immunized. Vaccines will only be available to those over 18 years of age. Upper age limit for vaccinations has not been established. Not sure if those who have ly contracted Covid need to be vaccinated. Awaiting CDC guidance on this. Both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines require 2 doses of the same vaccine administered weeks after the initial dose.

FDA is monitoring side effects of the vaccine. Known effects at this point include pain at the injection site and malaise for hours after. Data on long term effects is limited or does not exist. Once the vaccine becomes more readily available, IDPH will look at possible conversion of community based testing sites for mass vaccination, possibly through drive up or other options.

It is felt that these vaccination efforts would be ongoing till midsummer We await further CDC guidelines since there are several other unanswered questions regarding vaccinations. As we enter the autumn season I would like to say how honored I am to be part of the Oak Brook Community. The resilience and creativity we have witnessed this summer in the midst of the Pandemic is inspiring. Residents found ways to enjoy the summer despite the restrictions. We came together as a community, adapted to the constraints we were subject to and found ways to enjoy family and friends.

Now that the school year has started, children are required to acclimate to a new way learning. Remote classes, face masks in the classrooms, social distancing and the elimination of sports and after school activities are just some of the hurdles school children need to overcome. With the help of family and community I am confident that they will thrive in their new environment until things go back to normal.

There are some Oak Brook traditions that continued during these trying times. The Oak Brook Golf Club has been a respite for those of us suffering from cabin fever. Whether golfing or just enjoying some refreshments on the patio it has been a welcome distraction from the mandated quarantine. After a very successful season we look forward to next year. In Village news, construction continues throughout our area. Senior Lifestyle and Restoration Hardware have begun construction.

The Village Board approved two new redevelopment projects in Oak Brook. At the Oak Brook Commons Hines Development, a new 70, square foot seven story medical office building was approved replacing of one of the condominium buildings. The other condominium building will remain in the development. Oak Brook is demonstrating that it is a relevant and desired community by having these and other high profile projects select to build here.

And while the Village is progressive in its vision of the future we are still rooted in tradition and the sites that make this town unique. We believe that this historic treasure should be preserved for generations to enjoy. Lastly, I would like to remind everyone to continue to follow the guidelines for staying safe until the COVID vaccine is available. The total of people who have been infected in our country since the pandemic began is now nearly 7 million.

Many have recovered, but more than , have died of coronavirus in the US. The trustees, our staff, and I are here to serve you. Feel free to reach out to us if there are any concerns, thoughts, or ideas you would like to share.

Since yesterday, there are 77 new cases of Covid in Du County including 2 deaths reported. The day before, there were new cases including 2 deaths. Statewide, the positivity rate shows a steady decline to 2. Few days ago, Governor Pritzker reconfigured the state into 11 newly described regions, with Chicago and Cook County becoming Region 11 and Region 10 respectively.

These indicators can then be used to identify resurgence of the pandemic in a specific region, so as to then appropriately target mitigation strategies. Suffice it to say, no collar counties are now tied to the performance of Chicago or Cook County which should be a relief for many of us.

The positivity rate for Region 8 Du and Kane is now ar 3. The other metric being reviewed is hospital bed availability. As we celebrate our Fourth of July weekend without official fireworks or parades, the State of Illinois Covid death toll today passes 7, Illinois reported new cases and 18 additional deaths today.

In Du County, 62 new cases were reported today including 1 death. Since last week, Oak Brook total cases went up by just 1, now totaling up to cases as of few hours ago. Most of the cases including deaths are from the one long term care facility we have. It is not that we have a Covid outbreak at this facility, but the relatively high s are due to the fact this is one of the few facilities that will take Covid positive patients.

The positivity rates statewide is 2. As the charts below indicate, we have been able to maintain these very low rates for several days, thanks to our residents following established guidelines. As a result, the whole population is protected, and not just those who are immune. There are 2 paths to herd immunity for Covid vaccine and infection. Vaccine would be the best way since theoretically it protects without causing illness or complications.

Examples of great success using the concept of herd immunity include contagious diseases such as small pox, polio, measles, and diphtheria, However, it should be noted that protection from vaccine can wane over time, requiring revaccination. Some people may object to vaccines due to religious or other reasons. The second way to herd immunity is when a sufficient of people in the population develop an active infection, recover from it, and then go on to develop antibodies preventing them against future infection. Two caveats here: first, it is not clear as yet if the first covid infection makes a person immune to a future infection.

Second, even if the Covid infection creates long-lasting immunity, a large of people would have to become infected to reach the herd immunity threshold. That would not be an easy proposition. If there is a spike in your community, stay home as much as possible, especially if you have preexisting illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and lung disease , or are in the vulnerable group.

If sick, stay home, and avoid sharing dishes, glasses, bedding and other items with members of the household. Clean and disinfect surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, electronics, and counters daily.

Class wealth Oak Brook good looks and more

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