Are you lonely now during the holidays

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Mental health experts help demystify the causes and coping strategies for those yearly holiday blues. Ah, the holidays: that special time of the year filled with cheer, good will, and crippling loneliness. That leaves the rest of us, who spend the first 10 months of the year dreading all the mandatory joy and hall-decking foisted upon us in November and December. And while there are plenty of reasons why some might prefer to hibernate from mid-November through the beginning of January, one of the biggest is loneliness. Someone can be physically alone and feel completely content , feeling no pangs of loneliness.

Fried , PhD, a clinical psychologist practicing in Phoenix and assistant professor of psychology at Midwestern University. This includes people who have lost loved ones, and those who have strained relationships with their families. This is true year-round, but can be even more pronounced during the holidays. One reason for this is because this time of year can be a highly sensory experience, according to Marian Grace Boyd, a psychotherapist and the author of the book series Remember, It's OK.

For example, it can include things like the melody of a certain seasonal song, the smell of a favorite baked good, or the sight of an empty chair. Our thoughts and feelings can also be triggers—both pleasant, sentimental memories, as well as ones that are far more difficult to process—especially during a time when emotions are heightened.

This pressure can lead to frustration and self-criticism. Some examples include fatigue, anxiety , tension, isolation, melancholy, frustration, having no initiative or drive, procrastination, lacking self-confidence, finding it harder to make decisions, having less patience with family members, feeling empty, or experiencing anhedonia when things that once brought joy no longer do. To start with, recommendations to stay home instead of traveling to celebrate with friends and family will leave many alone during the holidays—possibly for the first time in their lives.

But that's only the beginning. Since March, the COVID pandemic has brought wave after wave of loss—including mourning the deaths of people we knew personally, as well as the more than , lives lost to the virus in the United States alone. Taking that into the holidays, we are at a different starting place for December and for all that the holidays bring. This can have the impact of magnifying our holiday loneliness.

Meanwhile, those who actually enjoy the holidays are now faced with the loss of many of the traditions and celebrations that come with their favorite season. Here are few more that might help. Instead of stressing over a preconceived notion of what you think the holiday should be, Fried recommends focusing instead on making it what you want it to be: a low-stress, enjoyable experience.

What would your ideal day look like? How can we create a day that incorporates as much of these as possible? For example, Fried says that some families have decided to pool their resources and plan a group experience like a vacation after the pandemic ends.

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Are you lonely now during the holidays

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Alone during the holidays? How to cope when you're feeling lonely