American idol sucks

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Trigger Random Notes 61 Comments. Katy, crook your head to one side so you look more endearing than an ultra-rich and out-of-touch superstar elitist who is kicking nuns out of their convent to build a luxury home. I want to know who was the utter dumbass that in any way thought bringing back the tired old warhorse that is American Idol was a good idea.

This is tantamount to holding out hope that Mike Tyson can still make a comeback to contend for World Heavyweight Champion. Even a shitbag blogger that pays scant attention to the reality singing competition industry or network television in general could merely sniff at the s surrounding the incarnation of American Idol , and could confidently go on record saying there was no way this would work, and still be more right than television executives with 8-figure salaries slinging around millions upon millions of dollars, ignoring every single that America no longer wants this mess.

They canceled American Idol in the first place because the franchise had proven so far beyond any reasonable doubt that it had completely run its course and was unable to be resuscitated regardless of who the judges were, regardless of any new set redes, or whatever other sizzle reel splashes they used to lie to themselves that the show could still somehow sustain.

But for some ungodly reason, perhaps being gluttons of punishment, they decided to bring it back yet again. But trust me folks, these are all scapegoats. If anything, controversy should breed ratings. Look, whatever you think about American Idol , admit that it had a good run back in its day. It was a ratings hog for years, and launched some massive superstars such as Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood.

But nothing lasts forever, even the greatest television concepts of all time. But this was way too soon. For the love of God, put this dying dog out of its misery. Or, do the one thing that could revitalize it, which is to bring an asshole judge on board. But man, I almost feel sorry for him and everyone else who now has to play this hand out for the next many months. Yes, some people are still watching, but it hardly justifies the massive budgetary resources this behemoth eats on a weekly basis.

American Idol must hit grand slams in the ratings, or millions are lost. Derby March 26, am. If there is a list of the most inconsequential shows on TV right now, no doubt this AI reboot is on it. Most likely in the top 3.

The full-court press from ABC to make it hip, cool and must-see is uncomfortable to watch unfold. It needs to end after one season. Cobra March 26, am. I turned it on one night during the auditions just out of sheer curiosity. I kid you not, one audition featured a girl who, every time she tried to sing, the dog she brought with her would take a dump on the stage.

They showed this happening no less than four times. The sad part is that absolutely none of that is exaggerated. That more or less sums up where American Idol is at. A dog taking a dump on the stage. The Ghost of Buckshot Jones March 28, am. Justin March 26, am. I got bored with The Walking Dead last night which has been struggling for a while for me and skimmed through AI last night. If he does it must embarrass him to know that what he does now is not even remotely close to what country used to be.

Corncaster March 26, am. Thoroughbred March 26, am. Strait Country 81 March 26, am. Is this something most of this sites visitors even care about or are you wanting traffic for SCM? Benjamin March 26, pm. Trigger can write about whatever he darn well pleases. Kevin Davis March 26, am. I watched the season premier, just out of curiosity, and it was terrible. So, the entire episode was Katy Perry doing Katy Perry things.

At least she has some personality. Trigger March 26, pm. Look, clearly Luke Bryan know what to do on a stage to entertain people, because millions of people pay to see him. Have no idea how they thought he would work. Justin April 5, pm. LOL quit being dumb, its all editing at this point. You should give it a chance in the lives. And critics love the new judges. The talent this season is way better than the Voice.

Clint March 26, am. I am surprised people still watch The Voice too. They had to be thinking people were sick of it and would try American Idol again. Kevin Davis March 26, pm. Actually, no, The Voice has been dropping a lot.

It only got a 1. Carla March 26, am. I have a funny relationship with American Idol. As a self-confessed music snob, I was appalled when my boss about 15 or so years ago ased me to make an on-air promo for American Idol I worked for a TV network. I pretty much ended up having to make promos for the entire season, and got hooked. It actually made for great TV. I had no time for JLo or KU prior to that show, but it showed that they were actually genuinely lovely people and that combo made the show incredibly funny. What I will say though, is I was watching it entirely as a trash telly fan, not a music one!

Roland of Gilead March 26, pm. These singing competition shows are all basically glorified karaoke. Just a bunch of people who want a music deal without paying their dues. The audience pretty much never hears from the contestants when the shows over ,even if they win and everyone seems fine with that.

Stringbuzz March 26, pm. Michael P. March 26, pm. Troy March 26, pm. The last time that it was good was when Carrie won season 4. Luke is capable of putting out solid material probably when his label allows him to do so. GrantH March 26, pm. The ratings actually went up after Simon left.

JB-Chicago March 26, pm. These people should get out there and pay their dues to get a record deal by earning it. Not as a contest prize. If you participate you can only use material you wrote. No covers!! Music Jedi March 26, pm. Corncaster March 26, pm. But I remember when the recycle time for music ideas ,productions , lyrics , movie characters or remakes etc was , in fact 20,30 or more years. I caught a few of the audition shows and watched several contestants get almost completely ignored by the egos and self-centered behaviour of the judges.

Is there anyone more into themselves than Kelly Clarkson? DJ March 26, pm. I feel bad for Lionel Richie-. Mike Honcho March 26, pm. When did females acting crass and using foul language become an engaging personality? What a rebel. Erik North March 26, pm.

Where in the hell is the art in that? Is George Strait?

American idol sucks

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