22 male looking to be pegged

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LADIES, listen up - there's a sex trend on the rise and according to leading "sexperts", it's set to become very popular. It might not be your go-to position, but since it popped up on our TV screens in both Broad City and Deadpool, "pegging" is believed to be on the rise among couples. Well, instead of the man penetrating the woman, pegging happens when the woman penetrates the man, with a strap-on. It might not be something you've ever tried before - but apparently it's on the rise and now, sex experts have revealed why it's so popular among men and women.

While it's pleasurable for the man because it stimulates the prostate gland , women are also said to love it too. Alicia Sinclair, a certified sex educator told Men's Health : "The prostate is an erogenous zone that's often overlooked. Pegging allows a woman to actually be inside a man, navigating the pleasure which is a thrill in itself. Experts say the trend is on the rise, and pleasure product company Healthy And Active claim prostate massager sales have increased by 56 per cent over the past five years. If you don't fancy pegging, "the Cleopatra" is one of the most popular sex positions driving women wild.

While the "sticky scissors" position is said to be ideal for hungover couples. in. All Football. Fabulous Relationships Lucy Devine. Our breasts are real but people are always prodding them to check.

22 male looking to be pegged

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